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Our Story

Hi! I’m Anna, a wife and mama to two sweet boys: Axel (10) and Ryland (8). Before having kids, I thought I was using mostly natural, “green” personal care products. It wasn’t until having my boys that I really started paying attention to the ingredients in the products I was applying to their precious baby skin. Axel seemed to react easily to many products, even ones labeled “extra gentle” and “natural,” and Ryland frequently had little patches of eczema. It turns out you really have to be an ingredient ‘sleuth’ in order to make sure you’re selecting products that are actually SAFE – you can’t just trust labels and catch phrases. I did the best I could at the time while juggling the many challenges of life with a baby and a toddler, but I knew we could do better… and that it shouldn’t be so hard to find safe, high quality products to protect and nourish children's skin.

I started Ocean House Apothecary in order to do just that: provide simple skin care products for kids that contain only safe, skin-loving ingredients that really work.

I believe you shouldn’t have to worry about whether the products you’re applying to your children (or yourself!) might cause a harmful reaction, or spend valuable time and money trying to figure it out. You should be able to rely on a few high quality, well-crafted products to nourish, protect and promote healthy skin. And you know what else? I believe it should be FUN, too!

Nearly all of our products are packaged in re-usable containers, because I believe we should care for our planet as much as we do for our children and ourselves. 

I have tested all of our products many times on myself, my boys, my husband, my extended family, and numerous friends (in fact, Axel and Ryland are proud to claim they have been involved in product development since Day 1!). I have carefully selected each ingredient for a specific purpose, and am convinced that kokum butter (which you'll find in many of our products like our All Over Body Balm, Good Morning Facial Balm, and many of our lip balms) is truly a miracle skincare product for every age and skin type! I am confident that you will love the feel, scents, and results of my hand-crafted skin care products as much as we do. 

Ocean House Apothecary: Simple. Fun. Safe.